What is the Looter Advisory Bureau (L.A.B.)?

The Looter Advisory Bureau (L.A.B.) is a mailing list of trusted Looters who will receive regular invitations to give us feedback on a wide variety of topics. Loot Crate will use this feedback to help us develop even cooler products and services! L.A.B. participants receive “missions”– approximately once or twice per month via email–to provide us with candid answers to a series of online surveys and discussions.

We recruit possible L.A.B. agents through our existing customer research efforts, so keep your eyes open for the opportunity to sign up to apply through our regular surveys and outreach if you'd like a chance to give us more of your honest feedback and opinions. To be considered for the L.A.B we also ask individuals to answer a few additional questions to see if you meet our recruitment criteria. As we're looking to speak with a wide variety of Looters around the world, we, unfortunately, cannot enroll everybody who applies.

If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to reach out or submit a request!
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