Secret Order of Keys


UPDATE 8/17/17

As of this month, the Secret Order of Keys will be going back behind the hidden door. Don’t worry, we’re not done experimenting with augmented reality, mind-bending puzzles and fun games. We just want to take some time to look over all the feedback and insights we’ve gotten so we can come back in the future with even better digital experiences beyond the crate that you’ll love!

The Basics

What is the Secret Order of Keys?

The Secret Order of Keys is an immersive puzzle and game experience built for Loot Crate subscribers. Each month will include fun puzzles that will challenge you to use your loot in new ways! Each challenge will reward you with achievements. If you complete every challenge before the monthly deadline, you will earn a special bonus in next month’s Loot Crate.

Who can participate?

At this time, the Secret Order of Keys is only available to active Loot Crate subscribers and Loot Crate gift subscribers who receive a crate. It is not currently open to other crate lines such as Loot Crate DX, Loot Anime, etc.  If you skip a month, you will not have that month’s challenges available to enter solutions in your user account, and you will not have that month’s loot to assist in solving the puzzles.

How do I log in?

Visit and log in using your existing Loot Crate username and password.

Why did Loot Crate launch the Secret Order of Keys?

Because we love our Looters! Your support and loyalty really means the world to us, so we wanted to do something special as our way of saying “We Love You”.


How do I complete challenges?

Start by clicking on one of the challenges in your player profile to launch the challenge web page. Each challenge will give you directions and clues on how to solve that puzzle. The items in your crate are the keys to finding the solutions. Once you’ve got an answer, return to your player profile and enter it in the Challenge Answer field. If you’ve got the right answer, you’ll earn an achievement and come one step closer to unlocking your Digital Theme Key! Check out the initiation for a more thorough walkthrough of the challenge solving experience.

I’m stuck on a specific challenge. Where can I find help?

We’ve set up a special Secret Order of Keys Facebook page if you want to discuss the puzzles with your fellow Looters, ask questions, propose theories, or need a hint.  Check back for the link soon and ‘like’ the page.

What is the Digital Theme Key?

The Digital Theme Key is your reward for completing all the challenges for a given month, it proves you’re a Master Looter. In the future, these keys may even grant special member benefits.

What happens if I skip a month?

If you skip a month, you will not be able to see or solve the challenges. You need to be an active subscriber and have received the crate for that month.

What if I did not receive the information needed for the challenges?

In case you did not receive any extra information for the challenges, a .PDF for example, we have attached the information to the bottom of this FAQ. 

Special Bonus

What is the special bonus?

Special bonuses are exclusive items earned by Looters who complete all of the Secret Order of Keys challenges in a given month before the deadline and while supplies last. Special bonuses will be delivered in the following crate month.

How do I earn a Special Bonus?

To earn a Special Bonus you must complete every challenge for a given month by the posted deadline AND be an active subscriber who receives the following month’s crate.

How do I know if I’ve earned a Special Bonus?

Just below each set of monthly challenges in your player profile you’ll find your current Special Bonus status.

Can I still solve challenges even though the Special Bonus deadline passed?

Yes! You can earn digital achievements and unlock the Digital Theme Key at any time.

Do I get my Special Bonus if my subscription ends next month or I skip a month?

No, you will not. In order to receive your Special Bonus, you MUST be an active subscriber who receives the following month’s crate as it will be included in your shipment.

My crate arrived after the deadline! What can I do?

Complete all the challenges. If your crate arrived late and as a result, you missed the Special Bonus deadline, contact support for help with attaining your bonus

I completed all of the challenges before the deadline and I am still an active subscriber, but I didn’t receive my Special Bonus.

If your Special Bonus did not arrive, contact support as you would for any missing or damaged item.


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