How do I cancel, skip or unsubscribe from a subscription?


Sorry to see you go! You can cancel your subscription via your online user account for your subscription. 

When logged into your user account, you will click the section entitled "Payment Method." Within that section you will see the grey Cancel Subscription option. 

You will be asked if you would like to "Skip a Month" as an option instead of canceling your subscription. You can skip if you would like to by clicking the button and following the instructions.

There are certain dates in which you can skip a crate by. Your confirmation e-mail of the skip will show which crate you have opted to skip as well. The dates are as following:

Loot Crate, Loot Crate DX, Loot Wear: before the 5th of each month
Loot Anime, Loot Gaming: before the 10th of each month

You are not able to skip on our bi-monthly or partner crates: Firefly Cargo Crate, Marvel Gear + Goods, J.K. Rowling's Wizarding World, Sanrio Small Gift Crate, and WWE Slam Crate. 

Your billing date will be moved to the following month once you have clicked the skip button. For example, if you were previously to be billed January, your new billing date will be February. Your user account on will also give you the specific date in which you will be rebilled. 

If you would like to cancel, you can click the button to the right of the screen that says "Cancel Subscription."

Follow the remaining prompts to complete the cancellation process. This will unsubscribe you from your account. Please note: Your account will reflect a Pending Cancellation status through the end of your subscription period. On the date currently shown as your next renewal date, the subscription will reflect the fully canceled status. You will be sent any remaining crates per your most recent renewal but will not be charged again moving forward. You will receive a confirmation of the cancellation via email shortly after completing the cancellation process. 

If your account is currently past due, the cancellation button will not be available for use. Please contact our support team by submitting a ticket and they can assist with your cancellation request. 

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